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2015 Arctic Cat® ZR 5000 LXR — Starting At $9,999.00 MSRP

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2015 Arctic Cat® ZR 5000 LXR

Standard Features May Include:

Slide-Action Rear Suspension™

Slide-Action maintains a free-acting front arm while coupling under torque over bumps, and during aggressive cornering and acceleration. As the rear transfer blocks are engaged, the front arm follows the bumps, keeping your skis firmly planted as your 129-in. track propels you down the trail.

Arctic Race Front Suspension

Tall, lightweight ski spindles and widely spaced A-arms provide great torsion rigidity and strength. Angling the shock load back toward the rider's mass, results in optimal caster/camber to improve comfort and cornering. Arctic Cat® IFP shocks and a sway bar provide excellent control and handling.

5000 C-TEC4™ Engine

The 1056cc 4-stroke has been in the lineup long enough to achieve perfection. The price is low. The efficiency is high. And with 125-class dutiful horsepower, this power plant is in good company among its prestigious brethren.

ProCross Chassis

This chassis excels at bringing weight-saving technology to the performance-obsessed rider. The ProCross™ features a tapered two-piece tunnel design. Narrow at the top, wider at the bottom. A forged steering housing ties together many of the load-bearing chassis components.

Deluxe Digital/Analog Gauge

The deluxe gauge lets you choose between digital and analog speed and tachometer readouts. There's also an odometer, two trip meters, engine hour meter, reverse indicator and warning lights.

Electric Start

With a simple turn of the key, the new and improved electric start is reliable and effective. Not to mention the easiest way to ignite the fun.

Push-Button Engine Reverse

The push-button reverse is all about quick, easy activation. This feature reverses the direction of the engine rotation. In addition to being smooth it's also a weight savings.

Rear Storage Bag

The mid-capacity rear storage bag holds anything from gloves to water bottles. Secure, easy-to-use quick-fasten straps and semi-rigid construction add plenty of needed strength.

Mid-Height Windshield

Tuck in for the long haul. You can't beat this sturdy windshield for excellent protection from the elements.

1-in. Ripsaw II Track

A unique lug design on the Ripsaw™ II track combines the best features of Ripsaw, Cobra™ and Predator for excellent performance. It offers less side bite through the corners than the original Ripsaw, with a 1-in. lug height for optimal top speed.


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2015 Arctic Cat® ZR 5000 LXR
Year 2015
Manufacturer Arctic Cat®
Model Name ZR 5000
Trim Name LXR
Generic Type (Primary) Performance
Engine Type 4-stroke
Cylinders-Displacement (cc) 2, 1056cc
Cooling Liquid
Bore 98 mm
Stroke 70 mm
Lubrication Dry sump
Ignition Full transistor/coil at plug
Carburetion Stainless steel muffler
Exhaust APV with tuned pipe, pipe sensor and stainless steel muffler
Fuel Capacity 10.4 gal.
Drive/Driven Clutch Arctic 6 post (rpm sensing) / 10.75 in. dia. Arctic (roller cam)
Drive System Arctic Drive System
Brake System Type Race radial master cylinder hydraulic brake
Front Suspension Arctic Race Suspension with Arctic Cat (IFP) shocks and sway bar
Front Travel (in./cm.) 10 in.
Rear Suspension Slide-Action Rear Suspension with tri-hub rear axle system, coupling blocks, Torque-Sensing Link, adjustable torsion springs, Arctic Cat (IFP) shocks
Rear Travel (in./cm.) 13.5 in.
Overall Length 121 in.
Overall Width 47.75 in.
Ski Center Distance (in./cm.) 42-43 in. adjustable
Ski Type Trail 6 in.
Ski Runners Dual skag w/carbide
Track Type Ripsaw II
Track Width 15 in.
Track Length 137 in.
Track Lug 1.00 in.
Track Pitch 2.86 in.
Instrumentation Push-button reverse, dual halogen headlight (2-bulb), front bumper, adjustable handlebar, deluxe digital/analog gauge, electric gas gauge, low oil light, coolant overheat light, clock, high/low hand & thumb warmers, accessory outlet, mid-height windshield, electric start, rear storage bag
Features, Optional 2-up seat, tank pads, (ex low, flyscreen, low, mid, high) windshield, mirrors, rack, hitch, tether switch, hand guards, front sport bumper, premium shocks